13 IKEA Summer Finds Under $8

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Now that summer is officially here, all we want to do is prepare ourselves for warm temperatures, beach days, BBQs, and picnics galore. To help us do so, we searched through IKEA's site for some of the retailer's most essential summer items. The best part? All of them are under $8.


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1. Enrum Lantern, $3.99

For both indoor and outdoor use, this lantern is perfect for those late summer nights when everyone wants to feel as cozy as possible.


2. Rensare Waterproof Bag, $2.99

This reusable waterproof bag is a must-have for beach and lake trips.


3. IKEA 365+ Ice Pack, $1.99

This ice pack can be used on its own or attached directly to your food containers for easy, temperature-controlled transport.


4. Kungsfors Mesh Bag, $3.99

This chic bag is perfect for a summer visit to the farmers market.


5. Myskgräs Cooler Comforter, $7.99

This thin duvet was designed to help you keep your cool after a long, hot day.


6. Uppladda Infuser Bottle With Straw, $5.99

This water bottle has a separate container that allows you to infuse your beverage with different summer fruits and veggies.


7. Sesamfrön Plant Mister, $3.99

In addition to keeping yourself hydrated during the summer season, don't forget to do the same with your precious plant babies.


8. Grilltider Stainless Steel Skewers (4-pack), $5.49

Who's ready for a BBQ?

9. Sandig 7-Piece Sand Play Set, $7.99

For kids who need to remain entertained at the beach (and for adults who need to embrace their inner child).

10. Chosigt Ice Cream Scoop, $2.99

These colorful ice cream scoops are basically summer essentials.

11. Ledfyr LED String Lights, $2.99

Use these lights to create a cozy outdoor space where you can lounge with friends during crisp summer nights.

12. Chosigt Ice Pop Maker, $1.99

Suddenly, we find ourselves craving homemade ice pops.

13. Vansklig Scented Candle, $6.99

What would summer be without a refreshing, fruity candle to commemorate the season?