9 Under-$30 UO Finds for Your Balcony

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This summer, we need to get a little more creative with how we enjoy the sunshine. Fortunately, if you have at least a small outdoor space you can make it your own pretty easily. Whether you want to refresh your balcony area or start with another space from scratch, adding the right elements can make a big difference. From fun accessories to decor essentials, here are some of our favorite finds from Urban Outfitters at affordable prices.


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1. Gabba Goods Beer Can Bluetooth Speaker, $16

Play some good tunes to get into a relaxing mood with this clever speaker (just don't try to drink out of it by accident).


2. Parker 4" Planter + Drainage Tray Set, $16

Show off your green thumb outdoors, too. Grab a few planters and choose green friends that thrive in direct sunlight for a relaxing, nature-filled aesthetic.


3. Eucalyptus Vine Garland, $12

Want some greenery without worrying about the upkeep? Opt for a faux garland (or two) to add a lush vibe. Consider pairing with these vine string lights for even more decor magic.


4. Wyatt Woven Rug, $24

Make things cozy by adding a rug to your outdoor space (perfect for stepping out with bare feet during hot days).


5. HAY Tint Tumbler Set, $28

Our ideal use of any small outdoor space is a mini bar. Serve yourself a drink (or a non-alcoholic treat!) in these stylish tumblers.


6. Hands Photo Clip Banner, $14

Keep your spirits up by hanging snapshots of friends and family that you can see each time you step outside for fresh air.


7. Paper Lantern Table Lamp, $24

On dusky evenings, add a paper lantern or two to your balcony for a comfortable atmosphere.


8. Selene Serving Platter, $29

Treat yourself to snacks in a classy way with this stylish serving platter. Mini cheese board anyone?


9. Lydia Woven Basket, $29

Keep your blankets and favorite magazines in one place with a stylish woven basket. Great for keeping the space clutter-free, too.


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