These 12 Yard Games Are So Stylish You May Never Want to Come Indoors

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You don't have to be covered in dirt in order to enjoy exhilarating outdoor recreation. Classic yard games can stimulate your mind and body, as well as liven up your barbecue — and, if you play your cards right, they will even look stunning against your freshly manicured lawn. So gather up your friends for an afternoon spent throwing horseshoes, stacking giant dice, or knocking down colorful bowling pins. Just be sure to provide plenty of water: you might be tempted to never go inside again.

A hand removes a large wooden brick from a stack
credit: Target

Commonly known as Jenga, this giant wooden game stacks up to its smaller competition. Enjoy the exciting suspense as you teeter your way to the top in search of a victory.

A Kubb set against a lawn.
credit: Country Kubb

Add some history to your yard games: Kubb was the Viking's favorite outdoor activity (besides pillaging, of course). This gorgeous wooden set comes complete with a dark stain that's sure to look striking against your lush, verdant lawn.

Large wooden dice in grass
credit: Amazon

Play the world's largest game of Yahtzee with this supersize set of dice. Made from kiln-dried pine, these 3.5-inch wooden cubes are pretty enough to serve as a picnic table centerpiece.

Practice your perfect 300-point game while digging your feet into the grass and enjoying the warmth of the sun with this multicolor bowling set.

The dart set against a white background
credit: Best Made Co.

If you've always dreamt of combining your backyard with your favorite dive bar, then this Belgian dart set from Best Made Co. is the perfect start. Made from end-grain basswood and painted with bold colors, this refined board hits the bull's-eye.

Live out your prep school fantasies with this classy badminton set. The shuttlecocks are made with real goose feathers, and the kit contains everything you need for a riveting afternoon game.

Let your brain do all the heavy lifting while you relax with this outdoor-friendly edition of the childhood classic: tic-tac-toe.

Fancy bocce is a prerequisite for all summer parties. Get your glam garden game on with this luxurious set from Restoration Hardware. It even comes with a custom-made cowhide carrying case.

"But I already have a fancy bocce ball set," you say. Except petanque and bocce ball are not the same thing — despite having a similar looking setup. Bocce ball is like bowling, and petanque is more like horseshoes.

Horseshoes and the box they came in
credit: L.L. Bean

You trust L.L. Bean to create amazing, rugged clothing — now, trust them to craft horseshoes that will stand up to years of wear and tear. At more than two pounds each, these forged-steel horseshoes are satisfying to toss and they will give you a bit of an arm workout, too.

Whether you're hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed soiree, or a casual poolside barbecue, we highly doubt your guests will be able to resist playing a game of croquet once they see this colorful set. Complete with four mallets, it includes everything you'll need for a rousing match of wits and athleticism.

ring toss
credit: Home Depot

This patriotic set is perfect for a Fourth of July cookout — or just a lazy day spent basking in the sun. And for an extra challenge? Try landing the braided rope rings on the ring toss poles.

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Jamie Wiebe

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