10 Luxuriously Cheeky Pool Floats

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For those without air conditioning, the Swelter Survival Plan is key. This usually consists of a) window shopping at the mall just for free air-conditioning; b) an icy shower with a cold beer; or c) cashing in that "come use my pool" offer extended by, um, whatever their name is? Anyway, if you are lucky enough to have access to a pool, really treat yourself (or your generous host) by bringing along one of these eye-catching pool floats:

1. Sunnylife Gold Swan Float, $70

Really, is there any better way to make an impression than by mounting a giant, golden swan?

2. Ban.do Giant Heart Inflatable, $85

Your Instagram is about to be poppin'.

3. Working Girls Boob Pool Float, $60

Bosom buddies.

4. Funboy for Urban Outfitters Rainbow Pool Float, $49

This float is like entering an episode of the Care Bears.

5. The Pool Room Royal Inflatable, $90

Channel your inner Beyoncé and become Queen of the Pool.

6. Sunnylife Round Banana Leaf Float, $70

Okay, this one is actually quite fetching.

7. Funboy Yacht Pool Float, $128

Whaaaat: This float has space for you to keep your rosé chilled.

8. Brookstone Swimline Personal Pizza Pool Float, $59.99

Pizza + pool = perfect.

9. Big Mouth Giant Man-Eating Shark Pool Float, $39.99

Image Credit: Big Mouth

Hilarious, but also provides some shade.

10. Party Bird Island Float, $149.98

It's basically an entire island ...

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