12 Garden Ideas You've Gotta Try This Spring

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Welcome to Plant Week: Our guide to all things indoor plants, including tips for beginners, advice on care, and tons of plant-spo.

Flowers are beginning to bloom and leaves are starting to grow, so is it really a surprise that you're falling head over heels for all of this vibrant greenery? No. But the real question is, what's the best way to show off your newfound love affair? Should you go with simple planters? Stuff everything into raised flower beds? Or, perhaps this year calls for a more artistic display? Whatever your preference, these 12 verdant ideas are bursting with the inspiration to help you pull together a chic garden look that's perfect for springtime.


1. Repurpose an old cabinet.

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When you think about a garden, stylish planters tend to be top of mind. However, that's not the only way to show off your leafy greens. Breathe new life into an old piece of furniture like the folks at Glasswing did with this card file cabinet. Follow their lead and use the drawers to artfully display your verdant foliage.

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Get the look:Library Catalog Media Storage Cabinet, $299.95

2. Turn wine boxes into planters.

Your evening glass of wine doesn't just help you relax — it can help your garden grow, too. Save those wooden wine crates and fill them with dirt to get started on this super simple gardening project from the blog How the Fudge Do You Garden. And bonus: Gardening will also help you unwind, so this DIY is a bona fide win-win.


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3. Dress up your walls.

Dress up an otherwise dull white wall by covering it with plants. (Just make sure it gets plenty of sun.) This hanging planter idea may require a minimal level of handiwork — at the very least, you'll need a drill and a circular saw — but it's a nifty way to display a ton of herbs or succulents in a small space. Check out the step-by-step instructions at HomeMade Modern.


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4. Root plants in water.

If the thought of having to get your hands a little dirty with soil and fertilizer is not your idea of a good time, then this low-maintenance DIY is definitely for you. Simply find a plant that you like, snip a piece at the base of the leaf, bring it home, and add it to a glass vase filled with spring water. The only thing left to do is sit back, and watch it grow.


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5. Or, just start a water garden.

Most black-thumbed humans share a similar affliction: never knowing how much water their plants need. Don't let the fear of overwatering or under-watering stop you from enjoying greenery in your home. Opt for a water garden like this DIY from The Merrythought, instead. The final result is picture-perfect, which is good news for that Insta-worthy shelfie you've been working on.


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6. Transform a sunny window.

Herb gardens love the sun — but there is barely enough room for you on your balcony, let alone all of those planters. Turn your bright kitchen window into a jungle paradise, like Amber from The Bird and Her Song did, using this clever DIY project.



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7. Create a greenhouse cabinet.

One IKEA hack that seems to have caught on like wildfire is turning an ordinary cabinet into a greenhouse. Tamara from Tamplant did just that and it seems as if her potted plants couldn't be happier.


Get the look:IKEA Milsbo Glass Door Cabinet, $199

8. Design an indoor trellis.

You don't need a large backyard to run vines up a trellis. Turn your pothos plant into a piece of wall art by training it to climb along a sculptural, metal frame.


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9. Fill a leaning bookcase.

Now that temperatures are on the rise you can begin to put the blankets away and use your leaning ladders for a garden instead. Stack those wooden beauties sky-high with all of your favorite greenery. And if you don't already own a leaning bookcase, check thrift stores for rustic, inexpensive versions, or buy one that's brand new.



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10. Opt for a big bowl of succulents.

How cute is this bowl of succulents? Created by Cassie from the blog The Veda House, this minimally chic DIY project is ideal for a gardening novice — it's simple to create and requires very little maintenance. Sounds good to us!

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11. Hang your plants.

Free up a little space on top of your cabinets, shelves, tabletops, and even the floor by hanging your foliage instead. Wendy from The KWendy Home suspended a few trailing greens from the drapery rod in her bedroom, resulting in a verdant plant curtain.

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12. Put your shelving to work.

Wall shelving is good for more than just displaying your favorite tomes. Fill them up with your favorite small plants for a lush display of eye-catching greenery. You can even stagger your shelves to add a little extra visual interest.

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