People Are Hacking IKEA Cabinets Into Indoor Gardens

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We recently wrote about the magic of IKEA's glass Fabrikör cabinet — people use it in so many creative ways from shoe storage to bar displays. One of the more genius applications, however, is completely hacking the cabinet into an indoor greenhouse. All you need are some grow lights to turn the Fabrikör into a legit grow box. Let's take a look at how people are doing it ...

1. Instagrammer @robinschoutenart used two different IKEA cabinets to create this minimalist plant setup. The Fabrikör is on the left, while the larger Milsbo cabinet accommodates taller plants. A grow light was added to each to encourage plant health and growth.

2. @brandons_orchids added a waterproofed IKEA Skadis pegboard ($16.99) to the backing for air plants. According to the caption, the setup also includes "automated muffin fans/lighting/humidifier."

3. find that IKEA's Fabrikör "actually keeps the humidity locked in (70-75%)."

4. The IKEA cabinet is also a great way to get seedlings jump-started before they're ready for planting outside.

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