Book Your Next Desert Getaway in This Perfect Rustic-Meets-Bohemian Rental

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When freelance designers Rich and Sara Combs first visited Joshua Tree, they felt a special connection to the place. A year later they stumbled upon a home on Craigslist in the area that they instantly fell in love with.


The house's charm caught the couple's eyes, but the property needed new lighting, fresh paint, and a cozier layout. "We've always been drawn to older homes with built-in stories," Sara said. "The house was originally built in 1949, and not only had incredible details like the shiplap ceiling, but incredible energy."

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Video of the Day

The Combses decided to open it up on Airbnb, and it has quickly become one of Joshua Tree's most desirable accommodation. Visitors especially appreciate the living room, which, with its hanging chairs, has become an incredibly instagrammable spot. The rental is so covetable, in fact, that the owners also created a portal that allows you to shop furniture and decor found in the house.

living room
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Living Room

A Schoolhouse Orbit 12 Chandelier hangs in the home's living room along with a pair of chairs the couple found on Etsy. "We met our goal of creating a slow desert experience at this house by selectively choosing items for the home that would slow people down to enjoy process just as much as the end goal," Sara said.

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The couple kept the kitchen design changes to a minimum, adding a peachy fresh coat of paint. In keeping with the idea of slowing down, the home has no automatic coffee maker, just a Chemex.

tent room
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Tent Room

The cozy bedroom, aka "the tent room," was named for its resemblance to a tent. A boucherouite rug gives color to the floor, while Equipale chairs add a rustic twist to the space. A pom-pom duvet from Urban Outfitters covers the bed.

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The couple spruced up the bathroom with a custom shelf above the sink and a Schoolhouse Electric light fixture.

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Master Bedroom

The master bedroom uses a bold killim rug as a the focal point, with only a few extra details — a modern gold light fixture, crisp white sheets — rounding out the look.

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Bedroom Corner

The couple crafted the frame for this cactus print.


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