12 Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors for a Classic Look

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By now, you know the farmhouse aesthetic all too well, thanks in large part to oh-so-popular Chip and Joanna Gaines. It's an interior design style that we all love, and it will likely stick around for years to come. But how can homeowners carry the look outside for an exterior makeover?


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As you consider home exterior ideas that embrace country-inspired aesthetics, we recommend contemplating a farmhouse color scheme. These hues generally land in the neutral category, often pairing white with another equally timeless shade. But you can absolutely go beyond neutral tones and still have a farmhouse-friendly palette. Think: a monochromatic black or navy-blue exterior, down to the dark trim and door color, or one that mixes a moody hue with wood finishes.

So get out those paintbrushes, drop cloths, and ladders — it's time to give the outside of your home a colorful makeover with farmhouse-style paint colors. Scroll on for 12 design ideas that will get you started on the right foot.

Farmhouse home exterior colors tend to feel light and airy. So why mess with a good thing? Go all-in on the classic design idea, and pair fresh white paint with the softest of blues on the door and window shutters. Julia Berolzheimer did just that on her front porch and we wholeheartedly approve.

Let's say you want to amp up your home's curb appeal with a darker color, but you're not loving the idea of a black exterior. Instead, we suggest a rich shade of charcoal gray paint to complete the look of your farmhouse-style home. Brittany of Addison's Wonderland paired a sumptuous slate shade with white trim to add a little country-inspired flair to her craftsman.


Farmhouse style is so charming, right? That's why we think a pop of pink will fit right in with your home's outdoor visuals. Go with a rosy shade reminiscent of cotton candy for your door paint and pair it with white siding, to recreate the delightful palette that Brooke of Nesting with Grace chose for her home. The dark runner going up the steps is a nice touch, too.

While neutrals tend to fall in the white, cream, and gray color families, there's another option you can consider for your farmhouse exterior. Just picture the absolute softest green, like the one that Carolyn of My Chic Obsession used for her front door. She artfully paired it with white limewashed brick siding and the end result is pure perfection.

If you like the look of a white exterior, but you want something a bit warmer, consider going with beige. We love the color showcased on the brick siding of this modern farmhouse designed by Studio McGee. A copper portico adds a bit of luster and warmth ensuring this scheme will never be mistaken as boring.


If you have no qualms about painting your house top-to-bottom black, we'll tell you that it's an incredibly cool and modern way to achieve a farmhouse look. This quaint cottage belonging to Anissa of House Seven Design is so charming in a dramatic shade of ebony with contrasting white shutters. The matching black window trim makes the look even more cohesive.

When it comes to color combinations for farmhouse exteriors, we happen to adore a dark hue, like blue, mixed with a wood finish. But don't take our word for it. The team over at Pike Properties chose the classic combo for this home design featured on Home Bunch, and the result is a modern farmhouse exterior that's nothing short of a masterpiece.

For a farmhouse-meets-modern cabin look, consider a dark, earthy shade of green for your exterior à la this house belonging to Nadine Stay. With undertones of black, the dark hue showcased on board and batten siding, no less, is simply head-turning. The wood door adds a warm, rustic pop that punctuates the picturesque setting.


Navy blue and cedar? It's a match made in design heaven for a farmhouse-style exterior, especially if you want to deviate away from the expected all-white scheme that tends to be customary. CC + Mike created even more depth by painting the front door black.

This two-tone farmhouse exterior by Juniper Home is so modern and unexpected. The white shade balances the dramatic green hue which, depending on the light, almost reads black. The board and batten siding provides visual interest, while the lush landscaping completes the idyllic scene.

Maybe these dark, modern colors just aren't for you. Perhaps a fresh, white farmhouse exterior is the stuff of your daydreams. In that case, you can't go wrong with Sherwin-Williams' Pure White, as Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage has proven with her charming abode. The black front door adds the perfect hint of contrast.

When creating the farmhouse exterior of your dreams, don't overlook your garage door. It's a bonus opportunity to further anchor the color palette, and a chance to make a single hue stand out if you have an otherwise all-brick exterior. Holly of Our Faux Farmhouse made her garage doors shine with a dramatic shade of black that complements the window trim beautifully.


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