7 Modern Garage Door Ideas That Are Magazine-Ready

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We won't blame you if you've never considered how your dream garage door might look, but we've mentioned it now, so you can bet that we're about to give you some ideas. After all, the carport does tend to be at the front of the home, and it can either make or break your curb appeal. You'll also want it to fit the style of your existing exterior. Check out these seven modern garage door ideas that are completely on-trend. Your car's house will thank you.


1. Stick to something slick.

Modern design embraces clean lines and simple features. You don't need to get too complicated. The garage door of Julie Van Daele's home adds contrast to the sleek white minimal exterior but doesn't detract from the overall design.

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2. Install modern lighting.

Your garage lighting can help enhance the aesthetic of your exterior, so in this case, think modern. Ben Carstensen painted the body and exterior trim on his garage the same color, before adding in a pendant light from Schoolhouse Electric to keep it looking fresh.


3. Make it glossy.

While this black and white detached carport designed by Anne Decker Architects errs slightly on the traditional side of design, the high gloss garage doors with glass panels really add a modern touch. His and hers garages you say? We're into it!


4. Experiment with texture.

The beauty of modern design is that you can experiment with it. If you have a dream garage door in mind, see what your builders can do. Take, for example, this modern garage door custom built by Delta Garage Doors for Kyal and Kara. The ridged wood details look fit for a house in the Hollywood Hills.



5. Use a simple color palette.

While color is not necessarily frowned upon for a modern home, you need to get it spot on to avoid an overly eclectic look. Stick to a black, gray, or white garage door. This home by PD Architecture features a sleek, flush panel aperature that complements the gable roof and large windows.


6. Use modern materials.

Glass, metal, and concrete are three of the most popular materials in modern architecture. But you may want to avoid the latter when it comes to your garage door. However, glass and steel are still great options. Case in point: The glass panel number on this concrete house by MYD Studio is very current.


7. Don't be scared to make a statement.

Being ahead of the curve means making design decisions that might not always be to everyone's taste. Enter this cedar-clad garage door at a home designed by Skapa. The detached carport's entry was paneled with a checkerboard of shorter planks to make an eye-catching detail that works with the rest of the modern home.



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