How to Get Beer Out of Leather

A glass or bottle of beer at the end of a long work day can be refreshing. But an accidental beer spill on your leather sofa is not. Leather is a natural material made from the skin of animals. Similar to other natural materials, leather absorbs wet stains quickly. Left unattended, spilled beer on leather can cause permanent damage to the surface in addition to unpleasant odor. A quick response to the spill helps to successfully get beer out of leather.

Beer spilled on leather must be cleaned up quickly.
Always remove excess moisture from leather, when possible.

Lay paper towels over the beer stain to soak up liquid. Discard beer-soaked paper towels and lay fresh ones down until no more beer can be removed from the surface.

A mild soap solution safely cleans leather surfaces.

Add two capfuls of saddle soap to a bucket containing 1 gallon hot water. Soak a sponge in the soap solution before squeezing out as much moisture as possible. Scrub the leather surface with the mild soap to remove sticky beer residue from the surface and leather pores.

Step 3

Dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 4

Combine 2 tbsp. white vinegar and 4 tbsp. neat's-foot oil in a bowl to make a leather cleaning and conditioning combination. Dampen a clean cloth in the vinegar and oil solution. Rub the area of leather that was stained with beer using the solution.

Step 5

Leave the white vinegar and neat's-foot oil solution on the leather surface overnight. Buff with a clean cloth the next day to remove any excess oil.