Make Your Own Vaporizer

Traditionally, tobacco and other herbs are smoked through a pipe or rolled into a cigarette. While this is the mainstream way to consume tobacco, if you are interested in reducing the lung irritation caused by inhaling combusted plant matter, then you may want to make your own vaporizer. Vaporizers utilize temperatures just below combustion temperature to release the active compounds of tobacco and other smokeable plants, turning them into vapor form. Commercial vaporizers are available and are becoming more popular; however, they are expensive. If you wish to save money, making a homemade vaporizer can save you literally hundreds of dollars.

Vaporizers are an alternative way to consume loose tobacco.

Step 1

Place a layer of paper towels onto a solid surface, such as a table, and lay out the light bulb onto the towels. Wear protective eye wear and gloves before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2

Cut off the bottommost part of the light bulb with a pair of scissors. Be careful not to break the glass when performing this step. Make sure that the light bulb you use is clear, as in it does not feature a film or color.

Step 3

Remove the contents from within the light bulb. Wash the interior of the bulb under cool water to ensure that all components, metal and toxic dust are cleared away. Place the bulb onto the paper towels to dry, and discard the bulb components.

Step 4

Cut a hole into a 2-liter soda bottle cap large enough for a standard drinking straw to fit by carefully sticking a screwdriver into the cap. Insert a straw into the bottle cap.

Step 5

Check the lightbulb to make sure it is completely dry. If so, place your finely ground tobacco into the lightbulb. Do not use more than 1 tablespoon of tobacco at a time, as too much tobacco counteracts the vaporization process.

Step 6

Screw the bottle cap onto the lightbulb. Secure the cap to the bulb by wrapping a layer of electrical tape where the bulb and cap meet. This ensures that an air-tight seal is created to prevent vapor from escaping.

Step 7

Hold the lightbulb in an upright position (with the bottle cap on top) and position a lighter 1/2-inch below the bulb. Engage the lighter and rotate the flame in a circular manner around the tobacco. After several minutes you will notice a transparent vapor begin to form. Once the entire bulb is filled with this vapor, place your mouth on the straw and inhale. Repeat until the tobacco is brownish-black. Remove the tobacco by unscrewing the bottle cap and refill if desired.