How to Build a Simple Deer Feeder

Feeding wild deer is often done so that they can be observed from a distance, to attract them to a specific area for hunting or when natural food production is limited in the area. Corn and mixed grains are commonly used as food for deer. A variety of commercially made feeders are available for purchase that distribute the corn or grain based on a timer or even motion detection. However, a simple deer feeder can be constructed at home.

Use PVC pipe to construct a simple deer feeder.

Step 1

Place a length of 5 inch diameter PVC pipe on a sturdy work surface. Hold the pipe with one hand and draw an upside down V shape on one end of the pipe with a permanent marker. Draw the bottom, or widest end of the upside down V, at the edge of the pipe and extend the tip of the V up 4 inches from the edge.

Step 2

Cut out the V shape with a fine tooth saw. Begin sawing at the edge of the pipe and cut back to the V point. Repeat the cut on the opposite mark beginning at the edge and cutting back to the point.

Step 3

Place a shallow plastic bucket on the work surface. Mark three sets of holes that are 5 inches apart. Begin making the holes near the top and space them evenly to the bottom so that there are two rows of holes in a straight line vertically.

Step 4

Drill the marked holes in the plastic bucket with a drill and bit. Drill several holes in the bottom of the bucket to allow water to drain out.

Step 5

Place the bucket up right and stand the 4 foot long PVC tube in the bucket. Position the PVC tube against the side of the bucket with the drilled holes. Feed zip ties through the hole in the bucket from the outside. Pull the ties around the PVC pipe and then through the hole on the opposite side of the pipe and out the bucket. Connect the ends of the zip tie and pull tight.

Step 6

Repeat the the process for the remaining two sets of holes drilled into the bucket. Pull the zip ties tight to hold the PVC pipe in place. Turn the pipe so that the V shape is facing into the bucket.

Step 7

Take the feeder to the desired location in the field and place next to a small tree. Wrap a long zip tie around the tree and the upright PVC tube and secure the ends together and pull tight. Repeat the precess with at least two more zip ties to secure the feeder to the tree.

Step 8

Fill the tube with corn or grain and place the PVC pipe cap on the top of the tube to keep out moisture and rain.