How to Build Steps for a Trampoline

If you have a trampoline in your yard, you may wish for it to be accessible for smaller children as well as bigger ones. One option is to sink your trampoline into the ground, although if this represents too much effort, then building a set of steps is the logical solution. Building steps can be a quick job, which does not require much effort, and will allow for kids of all sizes to play on the trampoline.

A set of steps will help smaller children get onto a trampoline.

Step 1

Plan the size of the steps you wish to build. The usual height of a step is 6 inches, although if your children are particularly small, you may want to make these smaller, which you can do by amending the dimensions below. Make the finished steps two inches shorter than the height of the trampoline.

Step 2

Build a box which is 2 feet by 2 feet by 6 inches. This can be done by cutting plywood and nailing or gluing the panels together. Wait for any glue to dry fully before continuing.

Step 3

Build a second box which is 2 feet by 18 inches by 6 inches. Place this box on top of the first to make a second step. Attach box two on top of box one using glue, nails or both.

Step 4

Make as many boxes as desired until you have reached the correct height. The dimensions can be changed to specification, although this method will allow you to build steps which go up two feet, which should be enough. Make the boxes are securely attached to one another.

Step 5

Place the steps next to the trampoline, making sure the lip of the trampoline extends over the top of the steps slightly. This will mean that children are less likely to fall back onto the stairs. You can remove the steps and use them for other purposes as required as they will be fully portable.