Brick mailboxes are sturdy, long lasting and can coordinate with the architecture of your home. They come in many shapes and can display your house number or last name effectively, so that your home is uncomplicated to locate for visitors. You can choose brick in a complementary color to your home decor that will cause the landscaping and house to seem to visually flow together successfully.

Brick mailboxes will last you for decades and will enhance the look of your home.


Brick mailboxes are made to last; they will save you money by not having to replace your mailbox every 5 or 10 years. The privacy of your mail is protected by law, but mail identity theft still occurs. Sturdy brick mailboxes can be fitted with security locks and can hold several days' mail if you go out of town for a long weekend or a vacation. A brick mailbox does not have to be expensive; it can be an uncomplicated weekend project for a person who likes to build small projects around the home.


Styles of brick mailboxes tend to reflect the type of home you have. You can choose arched tops on the brick mailbox or steeple tops that point upward like the roof a house. Many styles have planter boxes on the top or sides of the mailbox, so that you can easily plant flowers or plants that add to the beauty of the mailbox. Cast stone brick mailboxes have a flat surface on the top and can accommodate a heavy potted plant. Mailboxes with quoin corners have a layer of bricks that protrude or indent to match the architecture of your home.


Brick mailboxes are attractive and give your home a more stately appearance than regular mailboxes mounted on a wood post. They match or coordinate with the brick of your home. Most have built-in liners and door fronts that you can change.


Regular mailboxes tend to lean after a few months due to the unstable foundation in which the posts were planted. Brick mailboxes will never lean due to their concrete foundation. The brick mailbox will add curb appeal and beauty to your landscaping, thus increases the value of your home.


Unless an automobile accidentally crashes into your mailbox, you will get many decades of use from your brick mailbox. Often, your neighbors will admire the look of your stately mailbox and add their own, which increases the appeal and value of the entire neighborhood.