How to Cut Manufactured Stone

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Square

  • Cold chisel

  • Brick hammer

  • Brick set

  • Circular saw

  • Abrasive cutting wheel

Use a cold chisel to groove the stone before cutting.

Manufactured or cultured stone is a cast replica of natural stone. It comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, mimicking almost any kind of stone used in construction. Most applications require no cuts, due to the wide variety of pieces that are available, including trim and edge pieces and corner blocks made to wrap around corners. When cutting is necessary, you can do so using techniques common for cutting block and brick, including the use of hand and power tools.


Hand Tool Technique

Step 1

Measure and mark the stone along the line you want to cut. Use a square for a nice, straight line. Mark the line around the circumference of the stone on all edges.

Step 2

Use a cold chisel at least 3/4 inch wide to cut a groove 1/8 inch deep along the line on all sides of the stone. Hold the chisel on approximately a 60-degree angle. Strike the chisel firmly, but not too hard, with a brick hammer. Work along the line to groove the stone all the way around.


Step 3

Position a brick set or brick chisel in the groove, with the beveled edge of the end toward the scrap end of the stone. Tilt the blade away from the scrap end slightly, so that any rough edge will be on the scrap side of the line. Strike the brick set firmly with the brick chisel to split the stone along the scored groove.

Step 4

Remove any excess roughness from the cut edge by chipping it away slowly with the chisel end of the brick hammer.

Power Tool Technique

Step 1

Install a diamond tip or abrasive masonry disk to your circular saw. Locate the blade stop and depress to hold the blade still and use a wrench to turn the nut in the center of the blade counterclockwise to remove the arbor bolt. Trade out the blade for the masonry disk and reinstall and tighten the bolt.


Step 2

Set the depth of the blade to approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch deep. Clamp the stone to a steady work surface with a squeeze clamp, with rubber pads to avoid splitting it prematurely. Start the saw and cut along the line you marked as previously outlined in the hand tool technique section. Cut around the the entire stone, releasing and re-clamping it as needed to get all faces of the stone.

Step 3

Position the brick set and strike as outlined previously to split the stone along the groove you cut. Use the chisel end of the brick hammer to chip away excess roughness.



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