Vinyl fencing is an ideal choice. Vinyl fence panels do not deteriorate, rust, decay, rot, or yellow. Vinyl fencing material is maintenance-free. In fact, paint will not even stick to the vinyl, so painting is never necessary. Vinyl fences are lightweight and easier to install than wood. If you need to adjust the vinyl panels, cut them in the same way you would cut wood.

Cut Vinyl Fence Panels

Step 1

Insert a carbide blade in a chop saw. Or set up a table saw with the same type of blade.

Step 2

Place a mark on your vinyl fence panel using a pencil and a straight edge. Use a measuring tape to mark the panel at the appropriate length.

Step 3

Place the vinyl fence panel lengthwise across the chop saw table, up against the chop saw fence.

Step 4

Line up the blade with the mark on your fence panel.

Step 5

Turn on the chop saw and bring the rotating blade down onto the vinyl fence panel until it cuts completely through. Lift the blade and turn off the chop saw.