How to Transport and Lift a 100-Pound Propane Tank

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Things You'll Need

  • Propane tank

  • Work gloves

  • Dolly


Only carry heavy objects such as a 100-pound propane tank if you cannot acquire a dolly (rentable at most home improvement stores) and you're in top physical condition and health.

Propane serves a variety of purposes, from cooking the perfect steak on your outdoor grill to heating up the water in your bathtub. Depending on where you live or what you use the propane for, you probably have to purchase the tank from a facility and take it back to your home. The larger the propane tank, the less often you need to take it in to be refilled. If you want to buy a 100-pound propane tank, here's how to make sure you can carry it.

Step 1

Put on some work gloves and old clothing because the tank may smell like propane, especially if it has been used before, and you don't want to smell up your nice clothes.

Step 2

Study the shape of the propane tank. Tanks of 100 pounds typically come in two shapes. Short and fat or tall and skinny. Each tank has its pros and cons. A short, fat tank is easier for two people to carry, while one person will manage better with the tall, thin one.

Step 3

Roll a dolly in behind the propane tank. Have someone lift up the back side of the tank and slide the dolly in underneath it. Pull the dolly back while the other person pushes the tank toward the dolly so it picks up the tank. You can now push or pull the tank to where you need it.

Step 4

If you don't have a dolly, or when removing it from the dolly, crouch down next to the propane tank with your back straight. Pull the top of the tank toward you so part of the bottom edge is exposed. Grasp your fingers under the tank and, while firmly holding onto the tank, rise up with your knees. Once standing, lean the top of the tank against your shoulder and walk the tank to where it needs to be.


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