How to Drill a Hole in a Ceramic Pot

Ceramic pots and vases make for wonderful container gardens but many that you find at flea markets or specialty stores don't have a drainage hole. A drainage hole helps excess water leave the soil so that your plant's roots are not sitting in a puddle, rotting. If you know how to drill a hole in a ceramic pot, you can turn any pot into a custom piece for your container garden.

Drill a Hole in a Ceramic Pot

Step 1

Make an X with masking tape over the spot you want drilled.

Step 2

Place newspapers down and set your pot upside down on them. This will reduce the vibration and make it easier to drill straight through.

Step 3

Make a deep scratch with your nail in the exact spot that you intend to drill.

Step 4

Use a ceramic or masonry bit to drill through the bottom of the pot. Make sure you do it in one smooth motion.

Step 5

Dust off any chips and turn your pot right side up. It is now ready to be planted.

Rachel Hurt

Rachel Hurt has been a freelance writer for many years and is also a graphic designer. She enjoys writing about animals, farming, culture, mythology, parenting, psychology, and education. When not writing, she enjoys working on her small farm and reading.