How to Make Your Own Starch

How to make your own starch.

Corn Starch
Ironing Board

Most people purchase starch at the grocery store for purposes of removing wrinkles from clothing while ironing. However, it is possible to make your own starch the old fashioned way for pennies on the dollar. You may have to use several boxes of corn starch if you plan on using the starch for laundry purposes.

Step 2

First, you will need corn starch which you can purchase at the grocery store for a about $2. Next, you need to mix about 1/2 cup of corn starch with warm water and sprinkle generous amounts on top of what ever clothing you wish to remove the wrinkles. After you sprinkle the liquid starch you can begin to iron.

Step 3

Finally after you complete your ironing with your homemade starch, you then want to sprinkle with cold water and hang the clothing some place to completely dry. As clothing dries it will stiffen and look clean and crisp with your own starch of course. Most people normally buy starch in the store which is certainly easier than making your own. However, for those who are curious and don't mind using homemade remedies give it a try.