How to Get Rid of Mice Permanantly

House mice can cause considerable damage to a home. Mice reach their sexual maturity and begin breeding at two months, having eight litters a year, each with four to seven babies. In a year's time, then, one mouse can turn into 36 mice. Add the rest of the colony to that, and you have huge problems. Mice live in messy areas and eat almost anything, but they prefer sweet substances, cereals and grains that are most likely in your kitchen. To get rid of mice permanently, you must take serious steps.

Mice can cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes

Step 1

Clean all messy areas of your home. Get organized. This step alone will considerably reduce your mouse problem by removing the places where they can live. Do not forget your attic and basement.

Step 2

Clean your home thoroughly. Make sure no crumbs are stuck in corners or under carpets and rugs. Keep all food sealed and off the floor to deter mice; if they cannot smell it, they won't come looking for it. To thoroughly clean your home, you may need to perform all cleansing chores twice, top to bottom, followed up by weekly cleanings. Maintaining your new clean habits includes keeping all food put away, cleaning dishes immediately after they're used and vacuuming and sweeping daily.

Step 3

Seal up all small holes, cracks and crevices in walls, ceilings, windows and doorways in the interior areas of your home. These are the entrance points for mice to find their way inside. Also check the exterior of your home for possible entry points; seal them up as well.

Step 4

Set mousetraps or poisonous bait in various areas of your home. Place these traps under and behind furniture, in the attic and basement and all around the kitchen. Traps or poison will kill any mice still living in your home. Make sure to empty and rebait mousetraps daily. Dispose of any dead mice in plastic bags and place them in an outside trash can with a secure lid. Another option is to hire a professional exterminator who will place traps and poison throughout your home for you.