There are many different types of steps that you can build for getting in and out of your hot tub. These steps can be used as storage for your hot tub supplies and equipment, like a garden hose or tools. This is a three step unit, that can be built in an afternoon. It will be 48 inches deep, 24 inches high and 36 inches wide. It is made of pressure treated 2x8's and treated deck screws.

Diagram for the Steps

Step 1

Turn 2 of the 48 inch boards on the 2 inch side. The using them, as the sides of your base, attach one of the 36 inch boards, also on it's 2 inch side, to the front of your box.

Step 2

Screw it in from the front.

Step 3

Take another 36 inch board and screw it to the back. This will form a rectangle 48 inches long and 36 inches deep. This is the base.

Step 4

Place 2 of the 36 inch boards flat (the 8 inch side down) across the very front of your base. Allow a slight overhang of about a half an inch or so, at the front.

Step 5

Screw the first board down in several equally spaced places across the front.

Step 6

Place the second board flush against the first.

Step 7

Screw the sides of both boards down, make sure you are screwing them into the base.

Step 8

Take another 36 inch board and stand it on edge (the 2 inch side down), place it flush against the back of the second board.

Step 9

Screw it in place, where the two boards meet. This will be the front board of the next step.

Step 10

Attach one of the 36 inch boards to the left side of the upright board you placed in the previous step.

Step 11

Attach another of the 36 inch boards to the right side. Screwing each one in from the front.

Step 12

Screw one of the 36 inch boards to the back of the two from above. You should now have a box that is 36 x 36. This is the base of the second step.

Step 13

Place one 36 inch board across the very front of this new box, and screw it down at several places across the front. Be sure to leave about a 1/2 inch overhang on the front.

Step 14

Place another 36 inch board flush against the first one, and screw both down along the sides.

Step 15

Place a 36 inch board, 2 inch side down, flush against the second board. Attach it at the bottom where the two boards meet.This is the front of the base for the third step.

Step 16

Attach a 16 inch board to the left side of the board you placed in the step above.

Step 17

Attach the other 16 inch board to the right.

Step 18

Screw them both in, front to back.

Step 19

Attach a 36 inch board to the back of the 16 inch boards. This forms the base of the third and final step.

Step 20

Place the last two 36 inch boards beside one another. Do this when they are not on the base.

Step 21

Measure 3 inches in from the left side, and draw a line across both boards

Step 22

Measure 3 inches in from the right side and draw another line, also across both boards.

Step 23

Attach one of the 1x2's, two inches from the top of the first board, along the line you drew.

Step 24

Screw it down in several places on both boards.

Step 25

Attach the last 1x2 in the same manner as the first, along the other line. Be sure both 1x2's are 2 inches from the top. This is the only thing holding the top step together.

Step 26

Attach the hinges to the bottom edge of the step.

Step 27

Attach the step assembly to the base at the hinges. Make sure the lid hinges outward at the back of the step.