Mice can wreak havoc on your house, especially if they get into your ventilation system. From there, they can get into any room, leave messes that are nearly impossible to get to and clean up, and cause odors throughout your home. But there are some ways to get rid of mice that living in vents.

Step 1

Find where the mice are getting in and out of the ventilation system. Look for mouse droppings around and just inside vents. You also can sprinkle talcum powder around the vents and see where mice have been in a few days.

Step 2

Bait your mousetraps with aromatic foods such as peanut butter or soft cheeses, and set the traps outside of the vents. You can also remove the grating cover and place the traps just inside the vents. If using snap traps, tie a strings to the traps so mice partially caught cannot drag themselves and the trap deeper into the ventilation system.

Step 3

Keep all children and pets out of the rooms with the traps until the mice are caught. Avoid making any unusual noises that might scare the mice, or keep them from going about their daily routine. You should also ensure that all food in the house is tightly sealed and protected to help encourage the mice to go after the food in the traps, instead of anywhere else.

Step 4

Once the mice are caught, dispose of them properly. If you use live traps, be sure to release the mice as far away from your home as possible. Mice will return to your home if they can; cover any entrances from the outside with wire mesh to help keep them from returning to your vents.