How to Kill Fleas in a House

How to Kill Fleas in a House. If your pet has fleas, your house has fleas. Rugs and bedding actually become part of the flea's life cycle; the fleas live on your pets and then the eggs they lay on your pet drop onto the rugs and bedding, where they hatch and the fleas hop back onto your pets. However, you can control fleas in your home.

Step 1

Vacuum every day. This means not only the rugs but your upholstery and even your curtains if your pets rub up against them or like to sit on window sills. Don't forget about your throw pillows too. Throw the bag away each time to prevent the fleas from hatching in your vacuum. If you have a bagless vacuum, put a flea collar into your vacuum to kill any hatching fleas.

Step 2

Kill adult fleas in your house with insect or flea bombs. However, these flea bombs don't kill the eggs. Neither you nor your pets can be at home and you have to cover all food and food utensils when you set these bombs off. Make sure you measure your rooms correctly so you get the right amount of bombs for each room in your house.

Step 3

Wash your bedding every day or two if you have pets that sleep on your bed. Run washable throw rugs and slipcovers through the laundry.

Step 4

Consider using Fleabusters or Demize Carpet Spray, which dries out your rugs and upholstery and kills the fleas as they hatch from their eggs.

Step 5

Purchase Frontline spray to use on your rugs, upholstery and pets.