How to Lubricate Dresser Drawers

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Things You'll Need

  • Metal slide:

  • Paper towels or shop cloth

  • Spray lubricant

  • Wood slide:

  • Dust cloth

  • White paraffin or pure beeswax candle

Your dresser drawers will open smoothly when they're lubricated properly.

Lubricate dresser drawers for a smoother slide and longer life. Wood and metal drawer slides can be lubricated quickly to get them to open and close more easily. The layer of lubricant reduces friction in the slide, which in turn reduces wear on your dresser drawers' working parts. Regular lubrication of the drawer slides will help to prevent the need for repairs or costly replacements. Add function to your furniture by lubricating all the hard-to-slide drawers in your home.

Metal Slide

Step 1

Pull the drawer out as far as it will go to expose the metal slides on both sides. Remove all items from inside the drawer and set them aside.

Step 2

Wipe off any dust or debris from the metal slides on both sides of the drawer with paper towels or a shop cloth.

Step 3

Hold paper towels or a shop cloth under the slides as you spray them with a light coat of lubricant. Wipe the dresser slides with the towels or cloth to remove excess lubricant.

Step 4

Open and close the dresser drawer a few times to work the lubricant into the slide. Continue with a second application of spray lubricant if the drawer isn't sliding smoothly.

Step 5

Return the items to the dresser drawer once you've wiped it clean of all lubricant overspray.

Wood Slide

Step 1

Empty the contents of the wood drawer and pull it completely out of the dresser.

Step 2

Wipe down the wood slides on the sides of the drawer and those inside the dresser with a dust cloth.

Step 3

Rub the end of a white paraffin or pure beeswax candle on all the parts of the wooden slide that come in contact when the drawer is in use.

Step 4

Slide the wax coated wooden drawer back into the dresser and evaluate the level of improvement. Wood dresser drawers that continue to stick after a coating of wax may need sanding or additional repairs.

Step 5

Return your items to the wood dresser drawer when it's sliding to your satisfaction.


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