How to Fix a Ceiling Fan That's Not Spinning

Ceiling fans provide cooler temperatures and comfort in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and homes. The fan speed is often controlled by a pull switch or remote control. A motor inside the fan housing controls the speed of the fan blades. If a fan fails to spin, it could be a number of issues. Inspect the power cord, circuit fuses and wiring connections of the fan to fix a ceiling fan that isn't working.

Step 1

Check to make sure the power chain or cord is pulled on the fan. Most fans come with two chains: one that controls the light, if your fan comes with a light, and one that controls the fan speed. The pull-chain that controls the fan speed must be in the on position for the fan blades to spin.

Step 2

Inspect the main circuit fuses and circuit breakers. These are often located in the circuit breaker panel of your home or apartment. Check your kitchen, garage or basement for the circuit breaker.

Step 3

Inspect the wiring connections inside the fan unit. Turn off power to the fan. Remove the cover of the fan. Unscrew any screws that are holding the cover in place and pop off. Check for disconnected or loose wires. Reattach any wires that have become disconnected.