Pencil Torch Instructions

A pencil torch is a diminutive specialized tool that emits a flame to heat nonflammable items, such as for soldering or for warming pipes for bends, among other uses. The small size of a pencil torch makes exact positioning of the flame possible in areas with cramped working space. Larger torches emit larger flames and provide less control; they're not intended for use in confined spots. Pencil torches operate on butane fuel, producing a clean-burning flame.

Step 1

Hold the pencil torch in one hand with the bottom pointing up.

Step 2

Hold a can of butane in the other hand. Make sure the cigarette lighter filler tip is affixed to the spray nozzle on the can.

Step 3

Press the butane tip into the pressure fitting on the torch and press it inward.

Step 4

Remove the butane can when a slight amount of butane escapes from the torch. This indicates that the torch is full of fuel.

Step 5

Put on safety glasses or goggles.

Step 6

Turn the “On/Off” gas control dial counterclockwise to the “On” position while holding the torch in one hand. You should hear gas escaping.

Step 7

Light a kitchen match with the other hand and hold the flame near the tip of the torch. The flame of the match will light the butane.

Step 8

Turn the gas control dial clockwise to make the flame smaller or counterclockwise to increase the flame size.

Step 9

Direct the flame of the pencil torch on metal items to heat pipes, solder or braze.

Step 10

Turn the “On/Off” dial clockwise to the “Off” position to extinguish the flame after use.

Step 11

Set the pencil torch on a nonflammable surface with the tip overhanging a surface so the hot tip does not burn objects or people.

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Mary Lougee

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