If you have a home improvement project, a staple gun can help you complete it quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately there are a number of problems associated with these tools. When you make a purchase always read the owners manual and if you run into any problems contact the retail outlet where you made the purchase. Sometimes an associate can walk you through the steps for using the gun. You may need to get a replacement.

Multiple Staples

When you purchase a staple gun one, problem you could run into is when two or three staples are dispensed from the gun at the same time. This can really be discouraging if you are trying to complete a job in a timely manner. Sometimes you can adjust the staples or the mechanism that holds the staples in place and this will correct the problem. This solution does not always work. It could be due to a defect from the manufacturer. If the problem cannot be solved, it is best to return the item and get another brand.


The staple gun trigger can be hard to pull sometimes. These guns can take a significant amount of pressure to fire a staple. Everyone is not able to fire a staple gun. The reason for this problem could be due to the design of the handle. A manufacturer may have to redesign the handle in a manner that would allow a customer to apply more pressure when firing the gun. One design solution could be a longer handle. A customer would be able to apply more pressure without the extra effort.

Gun Jam

Sometimes a staple gun will jam after using it. It is hard to determine why this occurs. In some cases you may have to take the gun apart if the problem continues and this can become a problem in itself. If a staple gun has a faulty design or it begins to wear out due to use you may experience problems with jamming. The compression spring could be the culprit.


Staple guns have been known to cause a variety of injuries to the novice as well as experienced user. Everyone should exercise extreme care when using a staple gun. You could damage someone's eye or cause injury to an arm or hand or leg if you are not careful. All safety features should be utilized at all times. Avoid the tendency to use the staple gun as a toy.


Sometimes the staples don't go all the way into wood for one reason or another. Make sure you have the right size staples for the gun you are using. Certain types of staple guns are difficult to load. If they are designed in a unusual manner you could have problems loading the staples. All staple guns don't operate and function in the same manner.


When you are performing a job, there are some areas that you cannot staple because they are just too difficult to reach. The design of the staple gun prohibits you from maneuvering to a certain spot or location. This can impede your progress and you will have to find other methods to complete the job.