How to Change Blades on a Black & Decker Navigator Saw

The Black & Decker Navigator saw is a handy tool for any homeowner's workshop. Changing blades on the saw is much like changing blades on a reciprocating saw: There is a blade release pin that locks and unlocks the blade securely within the saw body. It is a good idea to wear leather work gloves when changing the blades, as the teeth are very sharp and will cut skin with ease.

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Step 1

Unplug the Black & Decker Navigator saw from the electrical outlet. Allow the blade to cool before changing it.

Step 2

Press and hold the blade release button with one hand. This button is near the front of the saw by the blade on the left side of the saw body.

Step 3

Rotate the blade down in a 90-degree angle until the teeth meet the saw housing. Slide the blade to the side and off the retaining pin inside the saw body. Remove the blade away from the saw.

Step 4

Position the new blade into the retaining pin on the body of the saw with the teeth of the blade facing the saw handle.

Step 5

Rotate the new blade 90 degrees up until the lock engages the blade. Check the blade by attempting to remove it without using the blade release trigger.

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