Tire dry rot occurs for a variety of reasons such as exposure to certain chemicals or solvents, harsh temperatures or improper storage methods. The tiny sidewall cracks that often appear on the sidewalls of tires are telltale signs that the tires have not been cared for appropriately. Avoiding certain conditions and providing proper storage can help prevent tire dry rot from occurring.

Tread on tire
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Step 1

Use mild detergent and water to clean tires. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals, commercial tire cleaning preparations or preservatives.

Step 2

Avoid exposing the tires to extreme temperatures. For instance, in hot weather, park your vehicle in the shade, under a covered parking area, or in a garage. In cold weather, park it in a protected area, away from the elements.

Step 3

Place 1-by-8, 1-by-10 or 1-by-12 boards under each tire when storing your vehicle. Make sure that the board is wide enough to support the whole tire. Ensure that the tire does not overlap the board as this can result in damage to the tire.

Step 4

Store the vehicle and tires away from any gasoline, grease or oil, which can act to break down rubber.