My Flood Lights Won't Turn Off

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Things You'll Need

  • Remote control

  • Step ladder

  • Cloth

  • Flathead screwdriver


Always refer to the owners manual for your specific model. Although these steps should resolve the most common issues associated with flood lights that do not turn off, the owners manual may have other specific options.

Outdoor motion sensor floodlights are one way to add security and peace of mind to your home. Because they are an exterior product, you may run into the problem of the flood lights not turning off at all. There are a few small things you can check to determine why the floodlights will not turn off. You may need to wait until dusk to perform some of these steps, depending on your flood lights.


Step 1

Point the remote control toward the flood light and press the "Off" command, if your lights have a remote control device. Sometimes a remote controller will be accidentally pushed into the "On" position. If this was the problem, the lights will turn off within five minutes.

Step 2

Position a step ladder under the flood lights so you can reach them. Adjust the bulb fixtures away from the sensor slightly. Sometimes the light from the flood light bulbs will activate the sensor. You can adjust most flood light fixtures by pushing them in and out. Some fixtures may have a thumbscrew that you will need to loosen slightly to move the fixture. Wipe the sensor with a soft cloth to remove any dirt that may be causing the sensor to activate.


Step 3

Look at the light bulbs you are using in the flood light. If the bulbs are not the correct wattage as indicated on the flood light housing, the bulbs could be too bright and activating the sensor.

Step 4

Adjust the range on the sensor of the flood lights. Sometimes the range is set too broadly, and everything sets off the sensor. Loosen the thumbscrew that secures the sensor to the fixture, and adjust the sensor down to reduce the range. Tighten the thumbscrew to secure the sensor in place.

Step 5

Make adjustments to the sensitivity of the sensor. There will be a small access cover somewhere on the body of the floodlight. Push the cover off with your thumb and locate the sensitivity adjustment screw. Turn the screw in small increments toward the "Min" setting with a flathead screwdriver and wait for the timer to turn off the lights. If necessary adjust the time delay adjustment screw that will be near the sensitivity screw. Place the cover back on the body of the flood lights.


Step 6

Walk in front of the flood light motion sensor after dark. If the wall switch that powers the system was turned off while the lights were on and then turned on again in the daylight hours, the lights will stay on until the sensor is reset. The only way to reset the sensor is to wait until dusk and pass in front of the sensor. The lights will reset and turn off.



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