How to Get Plaster Off of Carpet

If you have completed a remodeling project in your home recently that included plaster, you might have splattered some on your carpet. Even when you use a drop cloth and are very careful, small amounts of plaster can find their way onto your carpet. But don't worry because plaster on your carpet is easier to remove than paint. You can remove the plaster by following a procedure that requires a moderate amount of time and effort.

Step 1

Scrub as much of the plaster loose as you can with a stiff scrub brush. Do not mash the scrub brush into the carpet; brush over the top of the plaster to loosen it.

Step 2

Vacuum the loose plaster off the floor with a vacuum cleaner, and repeat the process until no more plaster particles can be freed from the carpet nap.

Step 3

Fill a bucket halfway with warm water, and add two squirts of dish soap.

Step 4

Wash the affected areas of the carpet with the soapy water and a cleaning rag. Blot the rag over the affected areas, and rinse it often in the soapy water. Continue until no traces of the plaster can be seen in the carpet. Let the carpet dry for an hour and vacuum.