How to Get the Clear Hose to Draw Cleaning Mixture on a Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer

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Things You'll Need

  • Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer

  • Cleaning mixture (solution)

  • Water source


Internal pressure in the system draws the cleaning mixture through the clear hose, through the pump and out the end of the spray gun.


Do not mix or combine chemicals in cleaning tanks that aren't supposed to be mixed together.

If you've never operated a Troy-Bilt pressure washer, you're going to need to know how to get the clear hose to draw cleaning mixture. The clear hose is the semi-soft pliable PVC (plastic) tubing that runs from the Y-connector that comes off the two cleaning tanks on the support handle down to the hose barb on the water pump. It's good to know how to get the clear hose to draw cleaning mixture on a Troy-Bilt pressure washer because not knowing exactly how to do so could result in damage to parts of the pressure washer.

Step 1

Examine the cleaning tanks and clear hose to make sure no clogs are present. Clean if clogs are present.

Step 2

Open one or both cleaning tanks. Fill cleaning tanks with appropriate cleaning solution for job at hand

Step 3

Connect water hose to water inlet on pressure washer. Connect water hose to water source.

Step 4

Connect pressure washer hose to spray gun. Connect pressure washer hose to water pump water outlet.

Step 5

Turn on water. Point spray gun away from all persons and objects that could get damaged.

Step 6

Press the red button (trigger lock) and squeeze the trigger to release trapped air in the system. Screw wand together to spray gun. Connect low pressure black colored chemical (soap) pressure washer spray tip.

Step 7

Turn engine switch to "on." Pull engine starter cord while stabilizing the machine with your other hand on the support handle. Press the red trigger lock to unlock the trigger and squeeze the trigger to allow some water to flow through the pressure washer system, including out the tip of the wand. Stop pressing the pressure washer gun trigger.

Step 8

Turn on one of the cleaning tanks that's holding the cleaning mixture, by turning the valve to the "On" position. Only turn on one cleaning tank, not both cleaning tanks. Point the pressure washer gun and wand at whatever you're cleaning and press the trigger.

Step 9

Look for soap detergent or chemical suds on whatever surface you're cleaning. Stop pressing the pressure washer gun trigger.

Step 10

Inspect inside of the cleaning tank to see how much cleaning mixture has been used. Troubleshoot the soap detergent or chemical injection system if you suspect the clear hose on the Troy-Bilt pressure washer didn't properly function.

Step 11

Check to make sure you turned on the correct cleaning tank. Check to make sure you're using the black cleaning mixture spray tip.

Step 12

Check for clogs throughout the clear hose. Check the clear hose to barbed hose fittings for tightness at both the water pump and at the "Y" connector.

Step 13

Point pressure washer gun at surface to be cleaned, again. Press gun trigger and apply cleaning solution to surface.


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