How to Choose Cordless Blinds

Cordless blinds work similarly to traditional blinds with cords, but instead of having a corded pulley system at one corner, the blinds are raised and lowered by simply pushing them up or pulling them down at the bottom. Like blinds with cords, cordless blinds can be raised to any level and hold in place without need for any additional hardware. Cordless blinds can be especially useful in locations with pets and small animals, where the cords may become a choking hazard.

Step 1

Measure the window in which you plant to install the blinds. First, measure horizontally across the window from the inside of the window frame to the opposite side of the window frame. Also measure the length of the window to ensure that you buy a blind that expands far enough to cover the entire window. Write these numbers down and refer to them while choosing your cordless blinds.

Step 2

Select the proper color scheme for your cordless blinds. Like curtains, cordless blinds come in a variety of materials, and they all serve different purposes. Consider blackout blinds for home theaters and other rooms in which you need to completely block out the light, and consider translucent blinds for rooms in which you would like privacy, but would like to let some of the natural light from outside come in.

Step 3

View the selections of cordless blinds at a number of retailers to get an idea of all of the options available to you and to compare prices. Cordless blind can be found at discount retails stores with home sections, such as Wal-Mart or Target, home stores, like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Home Depot, and at a variety of location online. Some online blinds dealers include, Blinds Galore and Blinds Chalet (see Resources).

Step 4

Compare cordless blind materials. While most cordless blinds have a smooth fabric appearance, blinds with crinkled fabric and other textures are available if you want something a little more distinctive to cover your windows.

Step 5

Choose a color for your blinds. Once you settle on a cordless blind model, click on the link for the model to see the available colors. Most cordless blinds models come in a few different colors.

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