How to Calculate Square Feet for Painting

As you tackle a painting project, there are many details to remember to ensure your finished job is a quality one. After the painstaking selection of paint colors to create just the look you desire in your room, you must then calculate the square feet of the surface to be painted. If you take the time to figure your square footage accurately, you will end up buying the right amount of paint.

To determine how much paint to buy, calculate the square feet to be painted.

Step 1

Measure, in feet, the length of one wall you will paint. Measure the height of that wall, in feet. Write down both measurements. Multiply those measurements to find the number of square feet in the wall.

Step 2

Repeat Step 1 to find the square footage of each wall that you will paint.

Step 3

Add the square footage of the walls to determine the total area of the wall surfaces.

Step 4

Multiply the total area from Step 3 by the number of paint coats you intend to apply to the walls. That will give you the total wall area to which you will apply paint.