How to Remove Paint Thinner Smell From Fabric

Paint thinner is a generic term given to the paint solvent, mineral spirits. Although it is used to thin certain types of oil-based paints, it's also an effective cleaning agent, and many people use it to remove paint stains from flooring and fabric. However, because paint thinner is petroleum-based, it leaves behind an unpleasant odor even after it has dried. If you want to remove this smell from fabric, you will need to use a solvent that is not petroleum-based, or you will just be replacing one smell with another.

Do not use a fabric drop cloth that has old paint on it.

Step 1

Put rubber gloves on to protect your hands and place the fabric inside the bucket.

Step 2

Pour in enough turpentine to saturate the fabric. Allow the fabric to soak in the turpentine for five minutes.

Step 3

Place a clean fabric drop cloth on top of a cement surface.

Step 4

Remove the fabric and place it on the clean fabric drop cloth. Allow the turpentine to evaporate.

Step 5

Wash the fabric with laundry detergent.

Ryan Lawrence

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