How to Make a Curtain of Lights

If you want to decorate for a dinner party or wedding reception or simply want to liven up a bedroom, it doesn't cost much to create a twinkly light curtain using clear fairy lights and sheer material. Make the most of a space if you're short on cash for decorating with a simple but dreamy light curtain decoration.

Use twinkle lights to make a pretty curtain that lights up.

Step 1

Press self adhesive hooks into the ceiling an equal distance away from each other. They can be close together for a dense looking curtain of light or about a foot away from each other for a more subtle light curtain look.

Step 2

Hang clear twinkle lights over the hooks. Make sure the you have extension cords or power strips handy to accommodate all of the strings of twinkle lights. Avoid color lights, which will look less elegant and more suited for Christmas.

Step 3

Secure the fabric using clear push pins placed directly above the hooks. The fabric should fall directly in front of the lights without touching them but should be close enough to the lights that when you are standing away from the decoration, it gives the illusion of a lighted fabric curtain.

Christi Aldridge

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