How to Measure Things Using Your Own Body as a "Ruler"

Your body can be used as a measuring tool when you don't have a measuring tape conveniently with you. Although it's a nonstandard unit of measurement, it's conveniently with you all the time. It might also help you remember the measurements, because you have to use parts of your body instead of inches, feet and yards. Read below to learn how to measure using your body as the "measuring stick."

Use fingers to measure inches.

Step 1

Use the middle segment of your pointer finger to measure smaller objects, which you would normally measure in inches. This segment of your finger is fairly close to the length of one inch.

Step 2

Span your arms across longer objects and count how many times you can span the object with your arms. This is helpful if you are looking for mirrors or pictures for your home.

Step 3

Walk back with your feet, heel-to-toe, to measure the length of rooms or couches. This can be helpful when you are inspecting a potential new home.

Step 4

Make use of your height by standing next to objects to see how tall they are. You can roughly estimate how tall something is if you use yourself as a reference point.