Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner Instructions

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The Hoover SteamVac models of cleaners were created in an attempt by Hoover to provide convenience and effectiveness. However, in order to be effective, the cleaners must be used properly and according to manufacturer instructions.

Fill the Unit With Cleaner

Cleaning solutions and chemicals can make all the difference in the outcome of your cleaning project. Before plugging in the SteamVac unit, have all supplies on hand and be ready to promptly mix your solution. In the manual for the SteamVac Y series, Hoover recommends choosing Hoover's own solutions. Following the directions on the cleaning solution container, place the cleaning solution in the cleaning solution tank, followed by hot water. When placing the tank on the unit, place the bottom of the tank in first and be certain that you hear it snap into place before proceeding to the next step. Depending on which model you are using, the pedal may be on the side or the back of the unit.

Select Your Tool

Most models of Hoover SteamVac come with different nozzles depending on whether you are cleaning carpet, stairs or upholstery. There is also a "spin scrub" head designed to clean small spots and stains on an area of carpet. Select the best tool for the job at hand. Your owner's manual should have pictures of the different options along with a description of what each is used for, but if you have lost your owner's manual or don't have access to it, a general rule of thumb is that the smaller heads are used for spot cleaning while the largest head is used for general carpet cleaning. The appropriate head should be attached to the end of the hose. While the carpet cleaner is unplugged, simply slide the appropriate end onto the hose until it clicks in place.

Cleaning The Carpet

Once your tank is full of solution and the appropriate tool is on the end of your hose, you are ready to begin cleaning the carpet. Most models of Hoover SteamVac have an option to select brush speed. This button should be "on" when doing normal carpet cleaning, and you can select medium to high speed. When doing spot cleaning, select "low" and focus on the specific spot. If you have a more delicate or gentle carpet, select "of" for brush speed. As you are cleaning, you can also make use of the Clean Surge button offered on some models. This button provides you with a special burst of cleaning energy for high traffic areas.


You should ensure that you routinely clean the nozzle and brushes on your Hoover SteamVac to keep the machine in proper working order. The nozzle can be wiped with a damp cloth, and the brush can be removed from the carpet cleaning machine and run under water. The filter can also be periodically slid out from below the brush and wiped clean. Consult your owner's manual for questions on how to remove the filter. In most models, it can be slid out by squeezing the filter frame located below the brush heads on the bottom of the carpet cleaning machine.

Common problems with the machine include failure to run, failure of cleaning solution to come out, or failure of brushes to rotate. If the machine won't turn on, check the plug to make sure it is plugged in and if it is, check your circuit breaker. If this doesn't resolve the problem, it may need professional repair. If the cleaning solution won't come out, ensure that the tank is full and popped securely into place. If the brushes won't move, clean the filter and make sure the brush speed selector is on.


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