My Harman Pellet Stove Auger Is Not Feeding Pellets

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The Harman pellet stove is a type of wood stove that burns compressed wooden pellets to provide warmth for a room. The stove is equipped with a hopper that holds a supply of wood pellets that are fed into the stove as needed to sustain the fire. An auger motor forces pellets into the stove. The auger resembles a large, steel screw with a round plate at the end. As the auger rotates, pellets are pushed forward into the stove. If your Harman stove is not feeding pellets, checking the auger is the first place to start troubleshooting.


Step 1

Push the power cord on the back of the Harman stove firmly into a 120-volt outlet. Verify the power light on the control panel is illuminated.

Step 2

Raise the lid on the hopper at the top of the stove toward the back to check inside and confirm there is a load of wood pellets inside. Some Harman stoves can hold up to 65 lbs. of pellets in the hopper. Add pellets if necessary and close the lid.

Step 3

Add pellets to the burn pot compartment in front of the heater until the pot is full. This small quantity of pellets helps start the fire in the Harman stove.


Step 4

Turn the feed adjuster knob on the control panel clockwise until it stops.

Step 5

Press the green start button and confirm the LED illuminates on the control panel. Several minutes may pass as the stove element heats up. The element must reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit before the sensor in the stove activates the auger motor, which feeds pellets into the combustion pot.

Step 6

Dial the feed control knob clockwise when the feed motor light illuminates on the control panel. Listen for the whirring sound of the auger motor turning. If the auger motor still does not feed pellets, increase the temperature by turning the "Stove Temp Dial" on the control panel clockwise.


Step 7

Turn the feed adjustment knob to zero, wait two minutes and press the "Shut Down" button if all troubleshooting steps fail to start the auger motor. Contact a Harman stove dealer to schedule a test of the auger motor for repair or possible replacement.



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