How to Take Apart a Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper

  • Lubricating spray can

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Paper cup


Disassembling any model Dirt Devil vacuum will void any warranty that might be in place.

A Dirt Devil upright broom-type vacuum cleaner (called a "Broom Vac") can be clogged with dirt over the course of its lifetime; this restricts the machine's ability to gather in dirt. To clean out the Dirt Devil of the contaminants that have gotten clogged inside of it, disassemble it. The procedure is straightforward, if involved, and requires the use only of common household tools.


Step 1

Pull the battery charger plug out from the charger socket on the side of the Dirt Devil "Broom Vac" model vacuum cleaner. Pull the power brick that is connected by a cable to the charger plug out of the AC socket it was in. Place the power brick aside.

Step 2

Place a sheet of newspaper on the floor. Place the Dirt Devil horizontally on the floor with the suction end on the newspaper. Rotate the Dirt Devil so that the side of the frame where the handle is attached is facing up.

Step 3

Rotate the locking collar that is at the base of the handle counterclockwise with your hands; if the locking collar won't turn, spray a burst of lubricating spray on it to loosen it first. Continue rotating the locking collar counterclockwise until you can no longer turn it.


Step 4

Grip the handle. Pull the handle away from the locking collar. Keep pulling the handle until the end comes free of the hole in the Dirt Devil's frame that the locking collar surrounds.

Step 5

Place the handle on the floor, next to the Dirt Devil. Rotate the handle so that the side that has a screw is facing up. Remove the screw, using a Phillips screwdriver. Place the screw in a paper cup for safekeeping. Pull the two sections of the handle apart, using your hands.

Step 6

Rotate the Dirt Devil so that the release button near the bottom is facing up. Press the button with one hand while gripping the dirt cup connected to the bottom of the vacuum with the other. Pull the dirt cup off the vacuum. Release the button. Place the dirt cup aside, after you have emptied its contents into the trash and pulled the filter out of the cup.


Step 7

Rotate the Dirt Devil so that the bottom where the bristles are located is facing up. Remove the screws at each side of the bristles, using the Phillips screwdriver; the bristles at each side might need to be pulled away from the Dirt Devil's frame so that you can access the screw heads. Place the screws in the cup.

Step 8

Pull the metal plate off the bristles and place it aside. Remove the screws that are now revealed from each side of the Dirt Devil's frame with the Phillips screwdriver. Place the screws in the cup.

Step 9

Pull the bristle assembly out of the Dirt Devil's frame. Place the bristle assembly aside. The Dirt Devil frame and the parts that have been removed can now be cleaned and the Dirt Devil reassembled. Wad up the newspaper sheet and toss it in the trash once you are done.


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