How to Find Your WEP Password for Time Warner

A WEP password is a type of encryption code that is required for you to access your Time Warner wireless Internet connection. After the first time you enter your Time Warner password to access the Internet, your computer automatically remembers the password. If you need to provide Internet access through your wireless account to another computer, portable device or gaming system, and you can't remember the password, you will need to find it.

Step 1

Check on the bottom of the wireless router that you were issued by Time Warner at the time your original service was set up. Certain routers available from Time Warner will have the original default WEP password written on a label in that location. This will be the password needed to access the network as long as you have not changed the password from its default setting.

Step 2

Call Time Warner customer support and ask for the WEP password associated with your account. You can find the telephone number on your monthly bill or on the Time Warner Cable support website. If the WEP password is not listed on the bottom of your router, the customer support representative will be able to give you the original default password.

Step 3

View the properties of your home wireless network in the Control Panel. Open the "Network and Sharing Center" and right-click on the icon for your Time Warner home wireless network. Clicking "Properties" and "Security" will display the WEP password for the network, which you can then use to get online with other machines. This will only work if you have connected to your Time Warner network successfully at least one time.