How to Troubleshoot a Harman Pellet Stove

Harman pellet stoves use compressed fuel pellets to provide convenient and efficient heating with the beauty and comfort of a fire place in your home. Harman pellet stoves are designed to last, and will provide years of good service. Sometimes, though, you may have problems with your stove that need attention. These simple troubleshooting steps may help you make adjustments to your stove to get it operating again at optimal performance.

Stove Does Not Feed

Step 1

Check that there is sufficient fuel in the hopper and that the hopper is not clogged. Clear any obstructions.

Step 2

Ensure that there is enough fuel and starting gel in the fuel pot, prior to manually lighting the stove, to provide sufficient temperature to the ESP control so that it will activate the feed motor.

Step 3

Adjust the firebox draft and check that the stove doors and hopper lid are closed properly and the gaskets around them are in good repair and fit well. This allows the sensing switch in the feeder circuit to work properly and feed fuel, as needed.

Step 4

Ensure that the hopper lid is in contact with the lid position switch.

Step 5

Have the unit repaired by an authorized service center, if the problem persists.

Partially Burned Pellets

Step 6

Ensure that the fuel feed rate is not set too high.

Step 7

Examine the burn pot clean-out cover and air intake for proper air to fuel mixture.

Step 8

Check to see if the burn pot and heat exchanger are dirty. Clean both, as needed.

Step 9

Check the control board status light. If it indicates 6 blinks, Look for blockages of the flue and the air inlet and clear them. Check the air chamber below the burnpot for debris and clear the debris, as needed. Clear the holes on the burnpot. Examine the blower fan blades for dirt and clean them, if required.

Fire Goes Out

Step 10

Make sure the fuel hopper is sufficiently filled and the flow of fuel is not restricted. Clear any fuel obstructions.

Step 11

Ensure that the fuel hopper lid is properly closed.

Step 12

Check to see if the draft is set too low and adjust accordingly.

Low Heat Output

Step 13

Ensure that the fuel feed rate is properly adjusted.

Step 14

Make sure all of the gaskets in the stove fit properly.

Step 15

Examine the fuel to determine if the pellets are of low quality or are damp.

Visable Smoke

Step 16

Check the fuel to air ratio and adjust it to a leaner setting.

Step 17

Check that the feed rate is properly adjusted and the gaskets on all doors are in good working order.

Step 18

Check the vent pipe joints and the connection to the stove, if a smell of smoke is noticed. Seal the joints with silicone sealer.