Club Aluminum Pots & Pans Information

Cookware with the Club Aluminum name are virtually indestructible, are non-stick and versatile. These pots and pans are made of very heavy aluminum to outlast other brands.


In the early 1900's Club Aluminum was used by door to door salesman with demonstrations as a marketing strategy. Sales saw a downturn during The Great Depression but revived 20 years later with a new code of ethics called "the four way test."


Club Aluminum pots and pans contain heavy aluminum and heavy aluminum lids. They have a flat bottom, which does not warp and makes them appropriate for ceramic and smooth top stoves. The heavy gauge aluminum is non-stick and easy to clean.


A complete set of Club cookware includes one, two and four quart saucepans, an eight-inch fry pan and a six-quart Dutch oven. All include heavy aluminum lids.


The lids on the knobs will not burn in the oven. Club Aluminum is versatile and you can use it on a cook top or in the oven with the lid on.


Mirro owns The Club Aluminum Company and still produces this type of cookware with a silicone non-stick lining. Original Club pieces are available for purchase online and in antique shops.