How to Troubleshoot a Husky 1650 PSI Power Washer

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Husky power washers provide a pressurized stream of water and cleaning chemicals to clean a variety of surfaces. The power washer's spray nozzle can be adjusted to provide anywhere from a very narrow stream to a broad stream, making it ideal for cleaning tight areas, such as rain gutters, as well as large surfaces, such as cars and boats. The power washers are specifically designed to be easy to use, but problems can develop. Fortunately, most problems associated with the 1650 PSI model are easy to correct.

Powerwasher Will Not Start, or Stops Unexpectedly

Step 1

Plug the power supply cord into an electrical outlet that holds the plug securely. A worn outlet can produce either no power or intermittent power if the cord moves even slightly.

Step 2

Reset the power washer's Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, or GFCI plug. At the end of the power washer's electrical supply cord is a GFCI. Note that the plug features two buttons, a black "Reset" button and a red "Test" button. Turn off the power washer and plug its power cord into an electrical outlet. Press the GFCI's black "Reset" button.

Step 3

Check the circuit breaker box for a tripped circuit. If a circuit switch is in the "Off" position, allow several minutes to pass for the circuit to cool, then flip the switch to the "On" position.

Step 4

Check the fuse box for a blown fuse.

Step 5

Use an appropriate extension cord. If using an extension cord, the cord must be a three-prong grounding-type plug. Do not use a plug adapter to attach the cord to a two-pronged electrical outlet. If the extension cord features 14 AWG gauge wire, the length of the extension cord must not exceed 50 feet. Twelve-gauge extension cords must be between 50 and 100 feet.

Step 6

Clean the spray nozzle, as it may be partially blocked. Twist the spray nozzle off the spray wand, then flush the nozzle backwards with water and reattach the nozzle to the wand.

Pump Does Not Provide Maximum Pressure

Step 1

Ensure that the faucet valve the garden hose is connected to is turned all the way on.

Step 2

Allow 24 to 48 hours to pass for the unit to thaw if it has been exposed to freezing temperatures.

Step 3

Clean the water inlet screen. The inlet screen is located between the spray gun's hose and the base of the power washer. Twist the plastic fitting on the tip of the spray gun's hose, where the hose enters the power washer, in a counterclockwise direction until the hose disconnects from the washer's hose inlet nipple. Twist the inlet nipple counterclockwise until the nipple disconnects from the washer, then pull the circular screen out of the washer. Back-flush the screen with water to remove any deposits. Insert the screen into the washer, then twist the inlet nipple clockwise over the screen. Twist the spray gun's hose clockwise onto the nipple.

Step 4

Bleed the pump of any air in the water supply line. Turn on the washer and pull the spray gun's trigger until a steady stream of water exits the spray gun.

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