How to Replace Bruno Stairlift Batteries

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Bruno stairlifts can be plugged into a power source, such as an electrical outlet. They can also operate on battery power. Once you disconnect a stairlift from power, the battery lasts approximately 28 to 36 hours, which is about eight to 15 trips riding the stairlift up and then down the stairs. Charge the battery again when the power is nearing its end. Your battery may stop holding a charge at some point and you will need to replace it.


Step 1

Purchase the batteries required by your Bruno stairlift, which are two rechargeable 12-volt batteries.

Step 2

Examine the battery charger to determine where you need to put the new batteries. The charger stays plugged into the same electrical outlet where your stairlift is plugged.

Step 3

Remove the old batteries from the charger. They should pop out when you pull on one end, as with any other charger.

Step 4

Place the new batteries where you removed the old ones. Pay close attention to the "+" and "-" signs, which indicate how to replace the batteries. The top of the battery will have a plus sign which corresponds to the "+" on the inside of your battery charger.



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