How to Sleep Under a Ceiling Fan

When you think of a ceiling fan, you probably think of trying to stay cool on a hot summer night. You may even think about the quickest way to relieve yourself of a stuffy or slightly musty room. You may not think of a sleep solution, but using a ceiling fan is a quick route to fast sleep.

Step 1

Dim the lights by turning on a lamp and turning the ceiling lights off or by inserting a nightlight into the wall if you have one. You cannot focus on getting to sleep if the lights are on because it will remind your senses of daylight and tell your body that it is not yet time to go to sleep.

Step 2

Turn your ceiling fan on and adjust it to blow between its highest and lowest settings. The breeze will add a "night time feel" to your room and soothe your senses that are still lively and awake.

Step 3

Use your blanket to wrap around yourself or lay over you as you lay on your bed, your sofa or wherever you may be. Try not to focus on anything but resting. Close your eyes and think of absolutely nothing if possible. This means for you to rest your eyes and mind at the same time, worry and concern free.

Step 4

Rest under your blanket. Try multiple sleeping positions until you find the best one for you. This will cause you to rub your skin against your soft blanket as you move around, which will aid you in falling asleep as well.