How to Troubleshoot a Stinger Ultra Zapper

The Stinger Ultra Bug Zapper is an electronic outdoor device that kills mosquitoes, flies and other outdoor flying insects. The device lures the insects by emitting a blue ultraviolet light as well as with a scent. When insects touch the bug zapper, they are instantly killed. The Stinger Ultra Bug Zapper has a coverage range of up to 1 acre, thus protecting most yards. If you experience problems with the bug zapper, there are several remedies to try.

The Stinger Ultra Bug Zapper kills insects within one acre.

Step 1

Check to ensure the bug zapper's electrical cord is plugged in if there is no blue light and the device does not kill insects. Unplug the device from the electrical outlet and plug it into another outlet to ensure that the problem is not with the outlet.

Step 2

Check to ensure that the bulb is properly screwed in if there is no blue light but the device kills insects with an electric charge. Unplug the device and turn it over. Press the raised tab on the bottom to open the bulb compartment. Pull the old bulb out push it down firmly. If the bulb is pressed in all the way, it needs to be replaced.

Step 3

Wait the proper amount of time if the blue light fails to come on immediately. It can take up to five minutes for to the light to come on and reach full brightness.

Step 4

Ensure that none of the wires on the external grid are touching if the blue light comes on but there is no voltage on the metal grid and it does not kill insects. Unplug the device and examine each wire. Move any crossed wires with your fingers until they are no longer crossed.

Step 5

Unplug the unit and clean it if it produces constant sparks of electricity. Remove the bulb from the unit and brush the exterior metal grid with a toothbrush to remove all visible insect parts.