How to Make Any Fabric Into Outdoor Fabric

Upholstered furniture has become increasingly popular in outdoor spaces. Not only are upholstered pieces more comfortable, they are also much more stylish. Most manufacturers offer a limited assortment of outdoor fabric from which to choose; however, in just a few easy steps, you can turn any fabric into outdoor fabric to prevent mildew. Although almost any fabric can be used outdoors, it is best to choose a durable fabric like canvas for outdoor use. Unfortunately, most do-it-yourself techniques can't completely prevent the fabric from fading, so you may want to choose a light colored fabric if this is a concern.

Spray-on treatment

Step 1

Ensure that the fabric that will be treated is clean before beginning. Lay the fabric flat on a clean, flat outdoor surface such as a driveway or patio.

Step 2

Apply an even coat of the waterproofing spray on all surfaces of the fabric. If treating an already upholstered cushion, be sure to coat all trims and seams.

Step 3

Allow the fabric to dry completely before applying any additional coats of spray.

Wash-in treatment

Step 4

Ensure that the fabric that will be treated is clean before beginning. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the wash-in treatment and put the treatment and fabric in your washing machine.

Step 5

Remove the fabric from the machine and lay it flat to air dry.

Step 6

Once the fabric is completely dry, the wash-in treatment may be repeated.