How to Repair Epoxy Bar Tops

Epoxy creates strong, stable surfaces capable of a smoothness and finish many other building materials can't come close to providing. Because of this, epoxy is growing in popularity as the primary building material in constructing some bar tops. Mixed and applied well, the epoxy coating is difficult to damage, but damage does occasionally occur. Since the epoxy coating is consistent throughout its depth, most damage can be sanded off to reveal the undamaged surface beneath. And for damage too deep to sand out, you can use a patch of epoxy to replace the damaged area.

Step 1

Pour a small quarter-sized circle of furniture polish onto a piece of clean cloth. Apply the polish to any small scratches on the bar top. Rub the polish into the surface to blend the scratches into the surrounding epoxy surface.

Step 2

Repair larger scratches using wet/dry sandpaper. Saturate a 660-grit sheet of sandpaper and sand down the scratch, running the sandpaper back and forth parallel to the line of the scratch until you've removed the line of the scratch from the surface.

Step 3

Switch to a fine grit sandpaper and go over the sanded area using a small circular motion to blend the sanded section into the surrounding surface of the countertop. Wash the surface with a clean cloth and water. Pat dry and polish with the furniture polish to blend the patch further.

Step 4

Clean any chipped areas of the bar top with a clean cloth dipped in alcohol. Mix a small batch of clear two-part epoxy resin in a cup using a wooden stirrer using the manufacturer suggested mixing ratio.

Step 5

Fill the chipped area with the epoxy resin using a small putty knife. Scrape along the surface with the edge of the knife to level the patch out. Wait 24 hours for the patch to dry.

Step 6

Sand the patch even with the countertop using the 660-grit sandpaper, then blend the patch in with the rest of the bar top using the fine grit sandpaper. Wash the surface with clean water and then polish.