How to Renovate an Outdated Mobile Home

How to Renovate an Outdated Mobile Home. If you're ready to put in the time, you can do plenty of mobile home renovations on your own. Hire experts to perform renovations you're unable to complete, like rewiring the electrical system or moving water lines.

Step 1

Remove the press board paneling and replace it with lightweight sheetrock. Wear protective masks so you breathe clean air. Consider adding fireproof insulation before you put up new sheetrock.

Step 2

Pull out the carpeting and inspect the sub flooring. Replace any parts of the sub flooring that are damaged and lay a new wooden surface.

Step 3

Tear down the existing ceiling and install a drop ceiling or sheetrock ceiling if you have enough joists to support the weight of the sheetrock.

Step 4

Renovate the bathrooms and kitchen with new fixtures that match throughout the entire mobile home. Use white tubs and toilets in the bathrooms and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

Step 5

Install granite counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. If a full granite slab is beyond your budget, consider using granite in the kitchen only, or opt for granite tiles.

Step 6

Replace the kitchen cabinets with new cabinets. Choose some with glass doors and add spot lighting as well.

Step 7

Change out the light fixtures throughout the mobile home with updated, matching fixtures to complete your renovation project.